Education: A Basic Need


cellular-1352613_640Introduction – Education is one of the basic needs of every human being. It is very much needed in a country like India. As per the data of yesteryear some part of our country is still deprived of education facilities and basic needs. They are not aware of rights and duties due to lack of education. A person has to be civilized to live in the society. It is not possible without education.

 Importance – Education is an important factor of our lives. It teaches us the way of living in society. We learn etiquette, manners, living standards and behavior by the education which is the most important factor of well mannered culture. A man and a woman are treated equally in this era of educated society. They are given equal rights and freedom to express them in this world. It has become possible only by imparting good education to both the genders. We are not gender bias in the present scenario by getting proper education.

Facilities of education

  1. Online education– It is the easiest way to get yourself educated from your home itself. There are many universities providing V- sat classes like IGNOU, MAHE, Symbiosis to the students. Students study from these girl-998988_640universities and finish their degree in their respective field.
  2. Skill based education – Now a day’s government has started skill based education. It is very beneficial for poor and handicapped people. Our government provides training on Stitching, Carpentering, Tailoring to them. They get certificate and proper training. Everyone can pursue the course and acquire skill. They can open a business later on and earn their livelihood.
  3. Creative education – The young generation is mostly interested to pursue their carrier in photography, event management, archeology, fashion designing, oceanography and many more. They have option to join their creative field.
  4. Spiritual education – It is also one of the best educational practice which helps students to go on right track. They are trained on religion and spiritual based education. They join the institutions after finishing their course. It is also a one of the best practices to pursue a good carrier.
  5. Technical education – We are growing at very fast speed in technology. All the work is possible with technology. All the credit goes to technical education of our country. Our students are really doing well all aspects of technology in house and out house as well. They have made life very easier for us by launching many application and online system.
  6. Sports education – We should be thankful to our sports education which gives us good health and sound mind. Our players are doing well in every man-879093_640sports. We have won lots of medals in Olympics held in the last year. Our boys and girls are physically strong and always aspire to win the competition.

In the end our education system is gradually growing and hopes it will impart world class education to our next generation.